Gold (2016)

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Reno, Nevada. 1981.Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is talking to his girlfriend, Kay (Bryce Dallas Howard) in his father's mining company. He explains how to mine for gold, using her purse. First he digs down with his hand and pulls out a nickel to simulate nickel; then comes up with a dime to simulate silver; then produces a gold watch and tells her what they're looking for is gold. She is ecstatic about the gift.Six years later. Kenny's dad has passed away and he is now doing business out of a bar that Kay works at. He calls people about investing in a new mining expenditure but no one bites. Next, he goes to a capitol group to meet with a man named Clive Colson. Two bankers greet him instead and lead him to a conference room. They tell him Clive was tied up in a meeting. Kenny is insistent that he was supposed to meet with Clive and they tell him if he was supposed to meet with Clive, it would have happened. Kenny delivers the same pitch hes made on the phone, telling them about properties he will set up sites at, with geological reports suggesting they could produce gold. They pass on each one, pointing out that his company has a practical value of zero and he has a huge debt load. They refuse to make him any offer. Kenny demands to speak with Clive, pointing out that his father put Clive on the map and built their bank. They tell Kenny that hes not his father.Kenny returns to his small home with his pile of bills. He continues making pitches over the phone, looking for investors for his corporation. He has no success. His company is trading at four cents a share.We now see Kenny in present day (years after the story we've been watching) being questioned by Jennings (Toby Kebell). He continues his tale and we return to Kay and Kenny talking in his home. Kenny goes to sleep and dreams of an Indonesian jungle. He explains, in narration to Jennings, that he had met a man named Michael Acosta years earlier and wanted to get into Indonesia to mine. We see him in Borneo, in September 1987, meeting with Michael (Edgar Ram